General Rafting Info


Who Can Participate:

  • We welcome those ages 6+ on our Pontook Dam rafting adventures
  • We welcome those ages 10+ on our Magalloway River rafting adventure
  • We welcome those ages 12+ on our Rapid River rafting adventure
  • All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or gaurdian
  • Participants who are pregnant are not permitted to participate
  • Participants who have recently sustained an injury or undergone surgery may not participate

What We Provide:

  • A guide
  • Safety gear (helmet, life jacket and paddle)
  • Comfort gear (wet suit, dry tops, dry bottoms and booties) when appropriate
  • Transportation from the raft base where you check-in, to and from the river 
  • A light riverside snack
  • Our Magalloway and Rapid River trips also include a cookout at the end

What You Need To Wear/Bring:

  • A photo ID used to confirm reservation upon check-in
  • A bathing suit and/or non-cotton, water appropriate top and bottom. We encourage guests to wear swimwear/clothing that can withstand going through the rapids. We do not recommend wearing denim on the river!
  • A non-cotton layer for warmth on the river (for cooler days). Fleece, polypropylene and polyester are all great fabrics that can keep you warm even when wet.
  • Footwear – water shoes, sandals that strap to your feet or an old pair of sneakers you don’t mind getting wet work great. Flip flops and Crocs are not allowed on the river as they fall of too easily. Guest may not go barefoot.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Sunglasses with straps so they don’t fall off in the water
  • A towel and change of clothes for after the trip
  • Any medication that you may need while on the trip (it can be kept safe and dry in your guide’s dry bag)
  • A small lunch box or baggie with extra snacks and beverages. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not permitted and coolers cannot be accommodated in the shuttle vehicles.
  • A little extra cash for guide gratuity, souvenirs, t-shirts, etc. 
  • Guests may bring and use Go-Pros at their own risk, Raft NH is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged equipment.